Tumble Program

Tumbling and Trampoline

The tumbling program at Aim High Academy is designed to offer a place for every child. From beginner to advanced, from cheerleaders to snowboarders, at Aim High you will find a class that will fit your needs. All classes have full use of our state of the art facility with: an oversized tumbling floor, in ground trampoline, two in ground power tracs, two pit systems, handspring trainers, rope and spotting belt systems and much more.

** The class schedule for our tumbling programs will be updated every installment based on the demand. Please visit the Aim High Academy website for the current tumbling schedule.

** All these classes are 1 hour and are for ages 6 and up.

Beginner Tumbling: No experience needed!!
This 60 Minute class will focus on beginner tumbling skills. Students will work on all motor skills; rolls, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs. Working up to handsprings and flipping.

Advanced Tumbling
Basic Motor skills and heavier work on handsprings and flipping.

* Requirements for this class are: back handspring with light spot, flipping into pit alone, all rolls, cartwheel and round off.

Tough Tumble (Summer Session)
Focuses on application of tumbling/scrambling/climbing skills to real life situations encountered in Obstacle Course and outdoor play.

Students will learn how to tumble, climb, swing, balance and land safely in our state of the art facility.