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how to register

New Students (as of January 2010): A new student is a child/family that has never been a registered participant in an Aim High instructional class. Your child may have attended a special event or birthday party at Aim High, but we do not classify that as an existing student. If you fall into this category, please follow the New Student registration process.

Existing Students: Any child/family that is or has been a registered participant in an instructional class since January 2010, falls into this category. Please follow the instructions for 'Existing Student Registration' below.

New Student Registration Instructions:

  • Please review the Payment Policy
  • Please click on the New Registration link (top left of each webpage).
  • Complete the online registration form. A Credit Card or Debit Card is required.
  • Following submission you will receive an email receipt with the total amount charged to your credit card.
  • Once you receive the email receipt, you can be assured your class placement is secure. If you do not receive an email receipt, please call (401) 886-7827.

Existing Student Registration:

  • Please review the Payment Policy
  • All Aim High students from January 2010 to present day may access their Aim High account by clicking the Login option located at the top left of each page.
  • If you have never accessed your account online, enter your email address that we have on file for you as your user ID and click on "I don't know my password" link.
  • You will immediately receive an email with a temporary password.
  • Your password may be changed by you after you sign in.
  • If your ID does not work please email your current email address to info@aimhighacademy.com and within 24 hours you will receive confirmation that your email address has been updated by our customer service team, then you may enter our portal login again.

To Enroll by Mail or Fax

  • Please print out our printable registration form below.
  • Fill out all the fields, submit form with payment:
    • Checks: mail form and check to Aim High Academy, 3355 South County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818.
    • Credit Card: Fax form with credit card information to (401)398-0285.
  • We'll see you the 1st day of class! No news is Good News! We call you if there is difficulty supplying your first class choice.
  • Downloadable Forms:

To Enroll in our Special Events Online

  • Please click here to view the Yearly Events Calendar.
  • Locate and click on the specific event you are looking to enroll in.
  • Complete and submit your registration form.
  • Following submission you will receive email confirmation to confirm your processed payment.

* Please Note: we cannot register children over the phone unless we have a current registration form with payment on file. We must have your child’s registration form with the parents/guardians signature and all the information completed as well as your annual registration fee. Students can join in the middle of a session.