Men's Competitive Gymnastics

competitive mens gymnastics

At Aim High, young boys can begin competitive gymnastics at age six. Each team program is carefully designed and structured so to meet the unique needs and skills of each gymnast. Aim High has teams that compete on the local and national team level. So, as your child grows and develops, you can be assured that Aim High Academy has the depth, skills and experience to bring your child to their highest level.

Boys Top Guns
By Invitation Only
This is the first step of the team program. These gymnasts are selected by the coaching staff. The gymnasts will be working on the core skills of gymnastics that lay the base for quality men's gymnastics. The gymnasts in Top Guns do not compete and will come twice a week for one hour.

Men's Open Workout
*** Preregistration is Required ***

All boys ages 6 and up; competitive and non-competitive; are invited to join us for open workouts. Come train in our state of the art facility, using knowledge and guidance from our Men's Head Coach. This program runs at select times of the year.

Mens Gymnastics Rhode Island Boys Compulsories, Levels 4 - 7
Ages 6 - 18 Years
The gymnasts will compete compulsory routines on all the six events of men’s gymnastics. These routines are a pre-choreographed series of skills that each competitor must perform.

Level 4 is the first level of Men's Competitive gymnastics; boys can compete in this level beginning at age six. Level 7 is the graduation year for compulsories as a gymnast will transfer into the Optional levels of gymnastics. Meets of these competitions will be on the local level within this state and New England area; traveling to meets outside the region are also an option. Depending upon their competitive level, boys train any where from six to seventeen hours per week. Gymnasts will also have the opportunity to qualify for state and regional championships.

Boys Optional, Levels 8 - 10
Ages 11 - 18 Years
Gymnast in the optional levels are highly motivated and dedicated to the sport of gymnastics. Gymnasts must demonstrate a great deal of self discipline and mental strength. Routines are created in alignment with their ability and skill level. Competitions take place at the regional and national levels. In addition, gymnasts have the opportunity to qualify for State, Regional and National championships.

Mens Gymnastics Rhode Island Future Stars
The Future Stars Program is an athlete development and education program. The Future Stars Program consists of four age groups 8 & 9 year olds, 10 year olds, 11 year olds and 12 year olds, who perform selected skills and compulsory routines on the six men’s events plus strength and flexibility evaluations. The 8-9 year old division participates up to the Regional level while both the 10, 11 and 12 year old divisions can qualify to the National level. Future stars gymnasts are selected by the coaching staff and will have extra training hours.